About Us

Angry Tomato Salsa was birthed on a college campus in central Minnesota around the turn of the century.  I was laying down the ground work for the rest of my life and experimenting with all kinds of things including SALSA.

The Story Continues

After many years of creation for fun, for competition, to fight cancer, and to answer the pleas of all those who had been part of my test groups, donated their time in the kitchen and supported my dream; I decided to go big!

The start of Angry Tomato Salsa

The company was created in 2017 and in 2018 we started our pursuit to provide salsas that are as healthy for you as they are bursting with flavor.  We aimed to grow the brand organically so we partnered with Farmers Markets and festivals near or in the Twin Cities.

Present Day

Today, I am happy to say that Angry Tomato Salsa seeks out the very best ingredients that we can get our hands on and many of these are grown in the great state of Minnesota when in season.

It takes the best ingredients and a lot of love to make a quality salsa!

I hope you love the salsa as much as we love making it!

We are very interested in your thoughts, please email any feedback to angrytomatosalsa@gmail.com

Dana Steenberg

Angry Tomato Salsa

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